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Entries will be judged according to the following five criteria

  • Adherence to brief:

    Proof that the design has addressed what is required.

  • Originality:

    Innovation in function, form or use of materials, or a radical solution to an existing problem.

  • Manufacture:

    Indication that issues of cost-effective and sustainable production have been considered, from tooling and manufacture to marketing and disposal; an imaginative, intelligent and appropriate use of polymers, indicating that research has been carried out into materials and processing.

  • Sustainability:

    Evidence that an understanding of the principles of sustainability has been applied to the design.

  • Presentation:

    A clear representation of the design and method of construction, and an indication of all the materials used. The first sheet should clearly explain, in five bullet points, why your design answers the brief

How to Enter

  • Create a single pdf file with a maximum of four A3 pages at 120 dpi resolution.
  •  For help on how to merge separate pdf files into one file,
  • Name your file: DIP_ Entry Number_ Surname
    i.e. if your name is Amanda Windsor and your Entry Number is 875, the file name would be: DIP_875_ Windsor.
  • If the file size is less than 3MB, email it to:
  • If the file is larger than 3MB, but less than 6MB, use WeTransfer to email it to

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