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DIP sponsor, PDD, collects industry awards

Design Innovation in Plastics sponsor, PDD, has won two Red Dot awards for 2022.

We were delighted to see that Design Innovation in Plastics sponsor, PDD, has won two Red Dot awards for 2022. Red Dot Design Award is a German international design prize awarded by Red Dot GmbH & Co. in categories such as product design, communication design and design concepts, and is regarded as one of the highest industry distinctions.

The first award for PDD was with leading photography company Rollei to help them develop an innovative backpack – the ‘Fotoliner Oceanpro’ backpack which uses high end and certified ocean plastics to provide optimal functionality as well as appealing to the needs of environmental photographers.

The second was the TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard, a milestone product that dramatically improves the security aspects and limits power consumption in offices and workplaces by detecting whether a person is the using the computer or not, and acting accordingly.

PDD has for many years been a valued sponsor of DIP, providing placements for finalists, as part of their prize. A multi award winning company based in London, PDD creates innovative products and experiences for customers in the healthcare and consumer industry.

Its clients include some of the world’s leading healthcare and consumer companies Beckton Dickinson (BD), Novartis, and Samsung as well as influential start-ups like AWAK and Trojan Energy.

Over the past two years, PDD played a crucial role during critical times of the pandemic, working in deep collaboration with hospitals to develop products such as positive pressure ventilators, infusion pumps and usability testing for lateral flow tests.

Recognising the importance of being adaptable and responsive to the demands of this new world in which we now live, PDD continues to work with clients to deliver solutions that support better ways of living – from EV charging hubs to encourage the adoption of electric cars, to the creation of more durable, energy efficient products.

DIP looks forward to its continued partnership with PDD into the future!

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