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Design Innovation in Plastics: finalists earn praise for high quality of their presentations

June 04 2024

The six shortlisted candidates for the final of the 2024 Design Innovation in Plastics (DIP) competition have just presented their products to the judges in a nerve racking but fascinating day of scrutiny and discussion.  The judges enjoyed meeting them, and all six were congratulated for the high standards of their presentation and products.

Answering this year’s brief of ‘Life off-grid – independently powered products’, each finalist brought a prototype of their product and explained to the judges the research and material selection as well as other important considerations such as innovation, sustainability and cost which had gone into their design.


Chairman of judges, Richard Brown, commented: “It’s always a challenge when we judge the entries presented by our six finalists, and this year was no different – the quality was extremely high.  The presentations were professional, succinct, and covered all the criteria of the brief.


“Our finalists have really thought through their designs and materials, and it’s very evident that the work they did at their training course, kindly hosted by Sumitomo (SHI) Demag as part of their prize, has paid dividends.  Some of them opted to tweak their designs to reflect what they learned there.

“In short, we have six very good finalists, and we will look forward to announcing the results at the award ceremony!”


Our award ceremony will be held on Friday, July 05, at IOM3’s headquarters in Euston, London.  Students are competing for a top prize of £1,000.  There are supporting cash prizes for all finalists, and work placements or training courses with leading design and industry sponsors, who include Brightworks, Innovate Design, and PDD.


The six finalists are:

Gargi Agrawalla, Loughborough University:  Ear Boost+, a product for simultaneously dehumidifying and charging cochlear implants.


Brandon Hopkins, London South Bank University: Saltbuoy, a salt-water-powered data buoy


Jake Lee, Glasgow School of Art: SkinTemp, a core temperature sensor to keep people safe in cold water


Jem Mitchell, Glasgow School of Art: Sentree, a sonic deterrent, which protects trees from being overgrazed.


Isabel Payne, Glasgow School of Art: SafiCase, a self-powered case for sterilising a menstrual cup with minimal water


Joe Shade, De Montfort University: Bijou Smart Hive, a smart beehive for monitoring and providing information about the wellbeing of the bees



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