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Register before February 26th, 2023.
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1st        October 2022 
26th      Feb 2023
26th      March 2023 
14th      April 2023    
26th      May 2023  
7th        July 2023    

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1.   You must have registered in order to submit. Click here to register.

2.   Create a single pdf file with a maximum of four A3 pages at 120 dpi resolution. For help on how to merge separate pdf files into one file, see:

3.   Name your file: DIP_ Entry Number_ Surname, i.e. DIP_875_ Windsor.

4.   Email your file if smaller than 3MB it to:

5.   Alternatively, use WeTransfer if the file is larger than 3MB (not to exceed 6MB)

How to

Judging Criteria

  1. Adherence to brief – Does your solution answer the specific brief?

  2. Originality – Innovation in function, form or use of materials, or a radical solution to an existing problem.

  3. Manufacture – Consideration of tooling and unit cost at scale. Intelligent and appropriate use of polymers.

  4. Sustainability – Understanding of the life-cycle of the product, from creation to disposal.

  5. Presentation – A collection of sheets that convey the concept of the product through images, illustrations, and text. Have your images and illustrations do most of the talking.

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Meet our Judges

*Intellectual Property: any design that the student creates for this competition will remain solely the student's intellectual property. DIP does NOT take over any intellectual property from students, nor does it attempt to commercialise any student concepts. Please keep in mind that if you become a finalist, your project will be publicised in the press - this may lead to your design becoming prior art and therefore may make it difficult or impossible to patent afterwards. If you feel your design is worth protecting, it is your responsibility to protect the intellectual property before it is publicised the day the ceremony is held.