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Past DIP Winners from 2020 to 1985!


2020 - Kristen Tapping

London South Bank University

GoRolloe is a bike wheel that filters air pollution simply using the rider's motion and energy. Kristen has developed GoRolloe further with information at

Theme: Design for urban living

2019 - Daniella Kaligorski

Technological University Dublin

Checkit is a kit for conducting self-examination for breast cancer.

Theme: Healthy body, healthy world


2018 - Alex Roquero

Brunel University

Hook is a portable balcony shelf which hooks onto any kind of railing.

Theme: Design for garden innovation

Pol Blanch


Glasgow School of Art

Peek is an interactive travel sunshade which enables children to create pictures, while still being able to see through the window.

Theme: Independent traveling

2017 - Ellen Britton


2016 - Anabelle Burton

Nottingham Trent University

Flex is a quick-release surcingle for holding a horse rug in place.

Theme: Products for pets

2015 - Alex Bordino

Nottingham Trent University

Soft ice S Pump is a redesign of the stainless steel pump fitted to Carpigiani soft ice cream machines.

Theme: Transcending metal – Changing perceptions


2014 - Michael Tougher

Glasgow School of Art

Dots imakes learning music easy for children. Michael Tougher went on to commercialise the product in SoundBops

Theme: Design for learning: Innovation through play

2013 - Chris Natt

Royal College of Art

Project: Project Sting

Theme: Saving lives, design for disaster

2012 - Jamie Mansfield

Nottingham Trent University

Project: Flexible Flat-Pack Clothing Hanger’

Theme: Universal design - Design for the rest of us

2011 - Louis Pearson

Swansea Metropolitan University

Project: Moving Shelving'

Theme: Design4fun

2010 - Dan Watson

Royal College of Art

Project: SafetyNet Trawling System’

Theme: Refreshing Design

2009 - James Ravenhall

Northumbria University

Project: DIG Flatpack Garden Tools

Theme: Sustainable Design

2007 - Sara Bellini

Central Saint Martins

Project: Keepsafe’ Personal Bag Security Accessory’

Theme: Secure Design

1998 - Rob Law

Northumbria University

Project: Rodeo Childrens’ Case on Wheels’

Theme: Design for luggage

1997 - Clive Nicholls

De Montfort University

Project: Washing Line System

Theme: Plastic for the patio

1994 - Juliette Beauchot

De Montfort University

Project: Outdoor seating system

Theme: Seating for public or domestic situation

1993 - Sebastian De La Hamayde

Leicester Polytechnic

Project: Tactile stickers for the blind

Theme: Product for the disabled or elderly

1992 - Alsed Briscoe

Leicester Polytechnic

Project: Modular pill dispenser

Theme: Packaging using plastics

1991 - Gary Merrington

Colchester Institute

Project: Light ruler

Theme: Office products

2005 - Derek Miur

University of Huddersfield

Project: Hush Flush Toilet Flush

Theme: Design4fun

2003 - Spike Reid

Northumbria University

Project: Slegoon

Theme: Free time

2002 - Martina Carpelan

Central Saint Martins

Project: Quacky Flipper

Theme: Mind Body Soul - Mobility

2001 - Rob Thompson

Central Saint Martins

Project: Button Bowl

Theme: Millenial Kitchen

2000 - Alan Whiting

Northumbria University

Project: Urban Window Cleaning Kit

Theme: Plasti-city – Mobility and Urban Life.

1999 - Ben Plewes

De Montfort University

Project: Freddie the Frog Buoyancy Aid

Theme: Design4fun

1990 - Mark Lomas

Nottingham Polytechnic

Project: Tug Tower

Theme: Educational toys

1989 - Kenneth Newton

Teesside Polytechnic

Project: Multi-purpose light source for yachtsmen

Theme: Lighting

1988 - Philip Thompson

Teesside Polytechnic

Project: Freefall Detergent Dispenser’

Theme: Kitchen equipment

1987 - Richard Heayes

Colchester Institute

Project: Modular sports net system

Theme:  Aid to physical fitness

1986 - Eric Hewitt

Manchester Polytechnic

Project: Small Folding Greenhouse

Theme: Garden innovation

1985 - Timothy Vince

Gwent College of Further Education

Project: Portable Pack Away Bandsaw

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