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Solar Panels

Independently Powered Products

The 2024 Brief

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Green energy is typically understood to be generated by large solar or wind farms that feed the national grid to power our homes and businesses. However, advances in technology mean this can be achieved on a much smaller scale and provided by a single product.


You are challenged to create a product that uses its own energy source for an application which is independent of a conventional power supply. Your product should be self-sufficient, meaning it can operate off-grid, and could utilise energy harvesting technologies such as solar, wind, tidal, thermal, kinetic, bio and mechanical.


Your design could be a significant improvement of an existing product that relies on conventional power sources to function, or a completely new product. The source of power should be validated and appropriate to the product and its environment. You are NOT required to detail the mechanism of your chosen electrical system, but the concept should be feasible in principle based upon your research.


The product should be aimed at the domestic or sports & leisure markets and made mainly of an appropriate polymer with strong consideration for sustainability and manufacturing feasibility.


Please undertake a thorough search of existing products and patents to ensure the uniqueness of your idea.


Click here if you would like to draw inspiration from existing independently powered products.

DELIVERABLES: 4X A3 sheets detailing your challenge, concept, target market, design assembly, manufacturing, costs, sustainability. We will provide you with the submission method soon.



31      March 2024 
12      April 2024   
8-9     May 2024
24      May 2024
5        July 2024    

Submission deadline
Preliminary judging
Sumitomo Demag
Final Judging
Award ceremony
training course
Digitally constructed shelf


1st                                                     £1,000
2nd                                                    £750
3rd                                                     £500
Highly Commended                          £250
All six finalists receive a cash prize, a placement with a DIP sponsor or an industrial course, and a year’s affiliate membership of IOM3.

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