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Meet The 2023 Finalists


Christopher Kenny

Technical Uni Dublin


Kyle Farquhar

Edingburgh Napier University

Edingburgh Napier University


Scott Rutherford


A teeth cleaning device which enables people with hand dexterity conditions to floss their teeth more easily.

A foldable plate which shows children how to create a variety of Mexican and other international dishes, in a more fun way.

A device which helps people with hand weaknesses to open twist top bottles more easily.

Highly Commended


Theresa Zheng

Freddy Blake

Bournemouth University

Loughborough University

James Forrest-Smith

Northumbria University

A bathroom soap dispenser and hand wash device in one package, which makes hand washing more fun for children. 

A portable shelf which enables people to change their colostomy bags more easily.

A fully adjustable kitchen stool for children to use in the kitchen, encouraging them to get involved in kitchen activities.

New Designers Award

ProductPic_ - Copy.png
Credit_NewDesigners-MarkCocksedgePhotography- - Copy.png

Brunel University

A wearable device which tackles prevention of overuse of the achilles tendon.  CORDALT measures the factors that cause wear to develop, and distributes some of the forces that run through the tendon away from the tendon.

It collects data on the primary causes of overuse, and displays it in a data visualised application.   It enables active tracking of the development of the injury and the health of the achilles.  The associated app will enable the user to be more informed about the health of their achilles, with information and education accessed via a main dashboard.

Thomas Ledsome

Picture credit:  New Designers, Mark Cocksedge Photography

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