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Terms and Conditions


This competition is open to all students registered on UK and Ireland design courses, undergraduate and postgraduate, for the academic year in which the award is taking place.

Every student who intends to participate must complete and submit an on line entry form by the ‘nominated final date for entry’.

The organisers reserve the right to reject any entry that in their opinion fails to meet the competition requirements and conditions. No group entries will be accepted by the organisers. Only individual entries will be valid and a maximum of two entries per student will be allowed. It is expected that tutors will guide students to comply fully with the conditions of entry.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property rights belong to the entrant who, if successful, will be responsible for taking the steps necessary for protecting those rights.

The viewing of entries by judging and administrative personnel is carried out in strictly confidential settings and is therefore unlikely to be interpreted as entering into public domain. However, the exposure enjoyed by finalists and their entries probably would be considered to be in the public domain.

The entrants grant the sponsors permission to photograph the winning designs and to use those pictures solely and indefinitely in connection with the competition.

For more information on IP, searching for novelty and protecting your design see the competition resources section

Transport costs and responsibility

Entrants are responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of their entries. Every item submitted must be marked with an identification code that will be supplied by the organisers. No entries can be returned.

Following the final judging session, the organisers would like to retain the entries for display at the Award Ceremony at the IOM3 for one month after the Award Ceremony.

The sponsors will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss in transit, nor while on display or in storage.

The sponsors cannot guarantee safety if entries are delivered without identification codes.

Finalist's Expenses

Where appropriate, the DIP organisation will meet all reasonable travel and hotel costs for the Final Judging and Awards Ceremony. The timing of these events is planned to ensure that students can make best use of off-peak travel. Hotel arrangements are at the discretion of the DIP organisation.

Announcement of the winners

The final winners will not be announced in any form until the official awards ceremony.

Exhibition at the IOM3

The entries submitted by the finalists and winners, displayed as printed banners, will be kept on view at the IOM3 (Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining) for one month after the Awards Ceremony.

Change of address

It is the responsibility of the entrants to keep the organisers informed of any change of address and other contact details.


The organisers reserve the right to withhold or divide the awards offered according to the standard of entries.

Communications should be directed to:

DIP Award Coordinator
Email: DIP Award Coordinator