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What industry expects from today’s students

The Worshipful Company of Horners gives its view and explains why the DIP competition can help.

As a City livery company with strong links to the polymer industry and science education, the Worshipful Company of Horners maintains a passionate commitment to help develop and encourage young, talented students to embark upon successful careers.

As co-owner of the DIP awards, along with the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, the Horners are therefore already taking a keen interest in the registrations for this year’s competition.

“The first historic reference to the Horners was recorded in 1284 when the Company was originally set up to support the ancient craft of horn-making. As horn working declined as a craft, in 1943 the Company had the vision to adopt the horn’s modern equivalent – plastics.

Today we promote the interests, development and image of polymers and the polymer industry as a whole and, additionally, we also create and foster links with industry and education bodies with whom the Company has a shared interest.

We totally recognise that our world today is dominated by the rate of change: changes that have far reaching impacts and consequences, both in the workplace and in our private lives. To meet the challenge of these changes, there will always be a demand for high levels of skill required to produce and design the innovative processes and products which will shape the way the next generation operates. It is essential, therefore, that our young people are inspired by this at an early stage and maintain this interest through the critical school and higher education years.

The DIP competition is one of our flagship events and, indeed, it has become an integral part of many universities’ curriculums. The criteria encourage innovative thinking with a key focus on the most important themes of today – sustainability and marketability.

We are truly delighted, and encouraged, that over the years, the competition has helped to kick start highly successful careers in design and innovation for many of our winners and finalists.

We do encourage all students with an interest in the subject to take part in the competition, and please remember to register your entries by January 25th latest!”

To register your entry in this year’s competition, click here. Or go to: http://www.designinnovationplastics.org/competition.htm and scroll down the page to the registration link.