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A final word from our 2017 Design Innovation in Plastics competition winner and runner up, on their recent trip to Germany to visit competition headline sponsor, Covestro.

"Covestro extended a warm welcome to us in Leverkusen. It was fascinating to get an inside perspective to such a giant manufacturer and innovator, with products all over the globe. We were given in depth tours of the different divisions, including polycarbonates, polyurethanes and specialist films.

“I really enjoyed speaking to the designers there, who were all very enthusiastic about the company and future innovation opportunities.

“The aspect of the company which impressed me most is the desire to push boundaries, and innovate towards a better future. It was great to see such a powerful company concentrating on sustainability, with their materials helping to facilitate the Solar Impulse project, and reimagining carbon dioxide as a raw material to produce foam in a more environmentally friendly manner.

“Aside from the work, the culture within the company was friendly and dynamic. It was a privilege to be shown around Dusseldorf and Cologne by these locals. Overall it was a really unique trip, and I learned lots about materials which should help me going forward. I’d like to thank all at Covestro for the opportunity!"

Ellen Britton
2017 Design Innovation in Plastics competition winner

“Overall I found the visit to Covestro a fantastic experience. The knowledge I gained throughout the week was second to none - I feel as though I couldn't have gained this anywhere else.

“I now have a deeper understanding of how materials are used within various industries and have a far broader knowledge of materials and their properties than I ever did before. This will definitely help me going forward with regard to design - I have a much clearer understanding of the role of materials in design.

“Covestro has taught me not to let design be driven by material but that in fact materials can fuel design innovation in such fantastic ways, which has opened up a whole new level of design for me!
“Additionally, the insight into how efficiently a company operates on such a large scale was impressive to see. Every one of Covestro's employees made me feel welcome and I feel very grateful to have been given this opportunity.”

Kayleigh Dobson
2017 Design Innovation in Plastics competition runner up

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