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This year’s competition winners visit headline sponsor, Covestro, in Germany

Ellen Britton and Kayleigh Dobson, who placed first and second, respectively, in the 2017 Design Innovation in Plastics (DIP) competition have enjoyed a packed week of information and culture as guests of headline sponsor, Covestro, in Germany.

The two award winners were invited to Leverkusen to see the people and the products behind the company as part of their prize.

They enjoyed a tour of Covestro’s polycarbonates and polyurethanes showrooms where they saw some of the high profile end products which have been made using materials from Covestro.

In the polycarbonates section, they had a chance to make cups out of the polycarbonate Makrolon, using an injection moulding machine. There was also a visit to the Specialty Films section in Dormagen with the opportunity to discuss their products with Roland Kuenzel, head of the Technical Centre for Film Processing, and his team.

A tour of the historic industrial park where Covestro is based, along with visits to Cologne, where they were taken round by Segway, and to Dusseldorf, completed their itinerary.

Ellen said: “The hands-on part was probably my favorite aspect, operating the injection molding machine as well as meeting the designers at Covestro. It was good to see the scope and the possibilities of what can be achieved with the films and materials we discovered on our visit.”

Kayleigh added: “It’s been interesting to see how design works within such a massive
company – I hadn’t realised the scale of it!”

Ellen has now returned to Glasgow School of Arts to start her fourth and final year in product design engineering, while Kayleigh has completed her degree in product design and has secured a job as a designer with a toy manufacturer near Manchester.

Ellen’s winning product for #DIP2017, was an interactive sunshade which can be used on car windows and other forms of transport. It uses the smart technology of thermochromic film. Children can draw an image onto the black surface with their fingers and watch as their scribble creates a transparent image which enables them to see through the sunshade.
They can then watch as their image fades back to black.

Kayleigh’s product, ‘Airbaby’, is a soft, inflatable lap seat for babies up to the age of six months, that can be used in airplanes to reduce the stress and awkwardness of parents having to carry babies on their laps with nowhere to put them. It is made of ultralight TPU polymer, and shaped in a semi-upright position to prevent acid reflux and colic. Like Ellen’s product it can be rolled up and carried around in a small bag.

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