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The winners’ presentations will remain on display until the end of July 2014 at the IOM3, 1 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DB. Tel: 020 7451 7300.


DIP 2014 Winners enthuse about their Work Placements

MICHAEL TOUGHER WON A VISIT TO BAYER MATERIALSCIENCE IN GERMANY, a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials

• My visit was very informative and every moment of the week was filled with meetings and tours of Bayer MaterialScience’s manufacturing facilities. • Particular design highlights included an Intellectual Property meeting that had been set up for me, and a visit to a department focusing on future designs and trends. This was Bayer’s most creative department and it was a lot of fun talking to the people there. • An unexpected highlight was a visit to a Bayer Leverkusen football game.

MICHAEL ALSO WON A PLACEMENT WITH HASBRO, one of the largest toy makers in the world

  • At Hasbro I worked as a member of a design team and worked on different
    projects. I learned about their design process: the fast-paced nature of
    development, the short time scales and the particular skill needed to
    create board games. This insight was invaluable.
  • I worked with all the different departments including marketing,
    graphics, copy, production, design and electrics learning how they each
    work individually and as a team.
  • After presenting my concept to the team I was given a wonderful
    opportunity to present my concept to the Global Head of Inventor
  • I am incredibly grateful for all this help and conversations with Hasbro are still ongoing.


  • My team got me started on a live project for a client who had an idea for a medical device. Immediately I realised that product design in the real world moves a whole lot faster than it does at university! All of the designers were working on multiple projects at different stages, from conceptualising, to prototyping, right through to mass manufacture.
  • Immersed in such a fast-paced environment, I found that I was quickly picking up new skills and techniques from everyone around me and over the course of the two weeks I learned about everything from Keyshot renders to welding.
  • The Design Innovation in Plastics competition has opened so many doors for me and I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who may be thinking of entering. I really feel that the skills and experiences I have gained through the competition and placement at Innovate have set me up for an exciting career in product design.

NIKIAN AGHABABAIE WON A PLACEMENT WITH PDD, a human-centred design and development consultancy

  • The first day I was immediately set to work disassembling and analysing a faulty self balancing bicycle wheel which helps children to learn to ride by improving the design.
  • I was also given a new brief to re-design male catheters in conjunction with PDD's medical department. I continued research to find the best surface finish of tubing, nozzle types and viscosity of the lubricant. I documented and compared all the findings under UV light using a DSLR and collated the data in a presentation that was presented to the client.
  • During the placement I learnt a wealth of knowledge and experience in respect of understanding the process of design, not only from an industrial but also a medical perspective. I'm very grateful for the opportunity PDD and DIP had given me and I would definitely do it all again!

LEE GOLD WON AN EDUCATIONAL TRAINING COURSE WITH G&A MOULDING TECHNOLOGY, a company offering support, training and advisory services to the injection moulding industry

  • My prize was an educational training course rather than a placement with a design company. However, the course provided me with substantial knowledge regarding the fundamentals of the injection moulding process.
  • It has certainly made me more aware of the design implications of the manufacturing efficiency of products and it was a good learning experience.

FREDDIE PAUL WON A PLACEMENT WITH HELLERMANNTYTON, a leading supplier of innovative cable management solutions

  • I was given a live project to work on straight away. After being briefed, I brainstormed potential solutions to the problem and then worked with the design team to develop the ideas. After more refining, I was able to model my ideas in CAD to prove the concept and then 3D print my model to test it physically.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it has given me extremely valuable knowledge of the steps taken and the constraints of plastic injection moulding - from sketch to installed product.

STEPHEN VAUGHEY WON A PLACEMENT WITH BRIGHTWORKS, an award-winning UK product design and development consultancy

  • My placement with Brightworks was a brilliant experience and I got to work on a live project. I am unable to describe the project as I signed several non-disclosure agreements, but I got a good overview of what it is like to work in design consulting.